Our Story

About the Founder

Norman Damaren, President of INFOworks Educational Services Inc., Waterloo Region, Ontario Canada, earlier, worked as superintendent of education with the Waterloo Catholic School Board; after his retirement, he started InfoWorks Educational Services Inc. as a sole proprietorship in 1996, later incorporated his company in 2002.

Unlike most of our competitors, we have extensive expertise, experience, unsurpassed knowledge of domestic and international education, working with partners abroad to set up the framework for elementary and secondary schools, and a proven track record in facilitating strategic partnerships and alliances.

So far, we have made over 50 trips to countries including Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore, facilitating strategic partnerships and alliances.

INFOWORKS Educational Services Incorporated
INFOWORKS Educational Services Incorporated
INFOWORKS Educational Services Incorporated


Norman Damaren is engaged in various international advisory roles abroad and currently hold the positions as:

  • President and the Chair of the Board of Directors of Canadian International School, Kunshan, China
  • Director and Officer of Future Ladder International Educational Development Company Limited, Hong Kong, PRC

Mission Abroad

In the last 20 years, he traveled extensively abroad, visiting Bangladesh, China, Malaysia and Singapore, promoting & marketing Canadian Studies abroad, touring international schools, speaking at student and teacher assemblies, and meeting with key education and government officials. He served in various roles and capacities.

  • Strategic management consultant
  • Senior international education advisor
  • Facilitating the creation of strategic partnerships and cooperative agreements among educational enterprises

Besides the schools in China, he has been a key player with schools in Malaysia and Bangladesh.

  • Teacher recruiter in high schools, Malaysia
  • Senior international education advisor assisting with the teacher and student recruitment Dhaka, Bangladesh


INFOWORKS Educational Services Incorporated


In 2017 notarized as the Director and Officer Future Ladder International Educational Development Company Limited, Hong Kong, PRC.

In 2014 appointed President, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Canadian International School, Kunshan, China (CISK).

Assigned in 2013 the role of Director of Education, Canadian International School, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China (CISK).

In 2012, established an English Language Foundation and Credit Transfer Program for Yangzheng Middle School in Jinjiang City, Fujian Program, in affiliation with St. John Kilmarnock IB, World School, Waterloo Region.

In 2011, appointed Superintendent of Academic Affairs Canadian International School, Kunshan, China: (CISK).

November 2011, invited to Kunshan Jiangsu Province to meet with investors and local government and asked to cooperate on a major project that would lead to the establishment of an international school, namely the Canadian International School in Kunshan, China (CISK), adjacent to Duke Kunshan University.

September 2011, acting in the capacity of a Senior International Education Advisor to St. John, Kilmarnock School, Waterloo Region for the Kunshan School Project.

In 2011, I visited Dhaka, Bangladesh, and conducted a feasibility study on behalf of the Canadian International School, Bangladesh and appointed their Senior International Education Advisor and Faculty Recruiter.

November 2010, worked with the Canadian International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to conduct a feasibility study and faculty recruiter.

November 2009, helped facilitate the signing of Memorandum of Agreement Between Wilfrid Laurier University and the Xiamen Institute of Technology, Affiliated with Xiamen University;  September 2008, signed an agreement with the Fujian Provincial Association for International Exchange and Co-operation in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.

In 2008, appointed Director of International Education, by an investment group, York Education Group, based in Toronto Ontario, to offer advisory services on a contract basis; and to work with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and authorities at a major high school in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China, Shenyang No. 2, to create a “school within a school” concept and incorporate into its academic studies, secondary school credits leading to the Nova Scotia Secondary School Diploma.

August 2007 traveled to Nanjing, Jinzhou province as a representative of University of Western Ontario, faculty of education.

September 2007, signed an agreement with Sunway University College/Malaysia, Canadian International Matriculation Program to act as their faculty recruiter.

July 2006, hosted visiting delegations of government education officials from Vietnam

November 2005, signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding with the Beijing Municipal Education Commission/ Beijing International Education Exchange, and other strategic partners in China.

November 2005, joined the Ontario Trade and Investment Mission to China – in Beijing, as part of a 12-day trade mission led by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, that included more than 125 people from approximately 100 organizations, representing private sector companies, universities and colleges, municipalities, agricultural organizations, and medical research institutions.

May 2002 helped negotiate and facilitate the signing of a Memoranda of Understanding between Weifang Foreign Languages School, Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, P.R. China, and several district school boards London, Niagara Falls, Waterloo in the Province of Ontario and during July 2004, established the first Canada China English Summer Village in Weifang City.

Participated in the official opening of Weifang Foreign Languages School – September 8th, 2001 and in March 2002, appointed Senior International Education Advisor for Weiching District – authorized by the government, Weicheng District, China.

In 1998, visited Beijing, People’s Republic of China to participate in the 2 nd Annual China U.S. Conference on Education - presenting a conference paper – Building a Welcoming, Caring and Learning School Community, Engaged in Serving the Needs of Children and Youth.