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About INFOworks Educational Services

INFOworks Educational Services, Inc was started as a sole proprietorship by Norman Damaren in 1996, after he retired from his position as the superintendent of education with the Waterloo Catholic School Board. Since 1998, INFOworks has expanded on a global scale, aligning itself with a number of universities, colleges, district school boards, private schools and government agencies. It was in 2002 that the company was incorporated.

About the Founder

Norman has worked for the Ontario Ministry of Education as an instructor of teachers, principal of a summer professional development program and as a policy coordinator with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Learning Program Secretariat.

During the last 20 years, the founder has extensively travelled abroad, visiting Bangladesh, China, Malaysia and Singapore for promoting & marketing Canadian Studies, touring international schools, speaking at student and teacher assemblies and meeting the key education and government officials.

INFOworks Educational Services Inc.

While abroad, Norman has served in various roles and capacities as a strategic management consultant, senior international education advisor, as well as facilitating the creation of strategic partnerships and cooperative
agreements among educational enterprises.

Besides schools in China, he has also worked with key high schools in Malaysia and in Dhaka, Bangladesh, assisting with teacher and student recruitment.

Current Responsibilities

In addition to being actively involved in various international advisory roles abroad, Norman currently holds the position as:

  • The President of INFOworks Educational Services Inc., Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada.
  • The President and the Chair of the Board of Directors, Canadian International School, Kunshan, China.
  • The Director and Officer, Future Ladder International Educational Development Company Limited, Hong Kong, PRC.

Previous Responsibilities as Superintendent of Education

  • Human Resources and Staff Development.
  • Curriculum Development, Intermediate, Senior Divisions (Elementary, Secondary).
  • Policy Review, Development and Implementation.
  • Computers in Education, Library and Media Studies.
  • School Services, Supervision & Evaluation.
  • Adult Learning and Continuing Education, Co-operative Education.
  • Communications, Public Affairs.
  • Special Education and Student Services.
  • School Based Child Care Centers – Policy Development & Implementation.
  • Research and Development, including independent reviews of university research protocols.
  • Leadership Development Models.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Program Planning.
  • English as a Second Language Program Development.

At INFOworks Educational Services, Inc., we have received global recognition especially in the People’s Republic of China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Africa.