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Welcome to INFOworks Educational Services, Inc.

INFOworks Educational Services, Inc. is a leading senior international education advisor based in Canada. We’ve been offering students the best educational opportunities and teachers a great platform since 1998.

INFOworks Educational Services Inc.

Our Mission

  • To build strategic alliances among global educational partners that place the needs and best interests of learners as their #1 priority.
  • To provide students who choose to pursue further studies in Canada with access to credible and trustworthy schools, capable of delivering highest-quality educational programs and services.
  • To promote Canadian education throughout Asia by recruiting competent and experienced teachers for our overseas schools.

What We Offer

INFOworks Educational Services is committed to offering access to educational markets in China and Canada. We assist in promoting, negotiating and facilitating innovative strategic partnerships and agreements between educational enterprises and institutions in both these countries.

INFOworks Educational Services Inc.

In addition, we provide students and their families with visa advisory services to accelerate their chances of obtaining all the necessary student authorizations.

Our efforts are not just limited to students. We are also devoted to empowering professionals in China seeking training and education in their chosen fields. We connect them with the right Canadian educational enterprises and institutions that offer them a host of creative courses and seminars, both short-term and long-term.

INFOworks Educational Services Inc.

We are the most leading international education advisor based in Canada.

Why Choose Us

INFOworks Educational Services Inc.

INFOworks Educational Services, Canada is a proud member of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission/Beijing International Education Exchange - Organizing Committee of Beijing International Forum on Fundamental Education and Principals Summit.

It is a first of its kind in Beijing and is being held to promote Sino-International foundational education exchange and cooperation.

INFOworks Educational Services Inc.

We’ve now expanded our reach to Vietnam! Full-time students can start applying for the off-campus job permits that would let them work up to 20 hours during the school year and full-time during the summer months.

INFOworks Educational Services Inc.

 We’ve gained remarkable recognition in the global education market. If you also want to be a part of a flexible and open educational infrastructure full of new opportunities then let’s talk!